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In February, 2011, The Lancet published the results of research known as the PACE trial, which concluded that CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and GET (Graded Exercise Therapy) are effective therapies for ME/CFS. Patients were shocked and dismayed by the news, because patients often report that exercise worsens their condition, and that psychological techniques designed to change beliefs about the disease are ineffective. 

Many people, including Alem Matthees, David Tuller, and James Coyne, have been trying to acquire access to details of the PACE trial, so that the trial may be subject to scientific scrutiny. A letter signed by 42 distinguished scientists failed to get the data released.  Eleven thousand patients also signed a petition for release of the data. Thus far, the PACE trial researchers have refused to share the details of their research.

In August of 2016, a tribunal in London ruled that the data contained in the PACE trial must be released.  Queen Mary University of London has the opportunity to file an appeal of the decision.