How the PACE Trial Hurts ME/CFS Patients:
“The UK’s £5 million PACE trial has been hugely influential in bolstering the view that CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) patients can recover if they gradually increase their activity, despite widespread reports of harm. This view informs how patients around the world are treated in the media, in medical practice and by society. It is crucial that misleading claims of recovery do not stand.”  - #MEAction.

Who’s Working For a Retraction?
Many people are working toward the retraction of the flawed PACE trial including six prominent scientists who have written an open letter to The Lancet calling for an independent review of the trial.  A patient petition with 11,000 signatures calls for a retraction of the PACE trial.

Dragon Slayers:
David Tuller, from the U.C Berkely School of Journalism, has written an important in-depth analysis of the PACE trial exposing shoddy methodology and misleading outcome measures.

James C. Coyne, Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, has written a series of hard-hitting blogs calling for the PACE trial data to be released.